Download and install Piximètre

Piximètre 5.10 R 1541.      XP, Vista, W7, W8, W8.1, W10, etc. ; 32-64 bits

Free !

Download and automatic installation : Click the button and make the Execute option.


French tutorial in document format : .docx  ou  .pdf

Installing Piximètre up this icon on your desktop. Start Piximètre by double-clicking its icon. Piximètre boots in French or English depending on the version of Windows installed on your machine. You can then change the language.

Prerequisites :

Installing and running the software requires the use of a Windows account in Administrator mode.

On recent Windows 10 updates, we have sometimes observed a refusal to install the software. This is not a Piximeter defect, but a level of user account protection too high for this operation. It must then be lowered during installation and returned to its initial value after. Here's the procedure to follow :

  1. Open the control panel (type "control panel" in the search box at the bottom left of the screen),
  2. In this panel, select "System and Security",
  3. Then "Change User Account Control Settings",
  4. On the setting dialog that opens, lower the cursor one notch and confirm with Ok.
  5. It's finish.
  6. Do not forget to return to its initial value after the successful installation of the software.


Note: Starting from version 5, Piximètre uses the services of the .NET Framework 4.0 that is a recent Microsoft component. When this Framework is not present on your computer, Piximètre offers to install it for you. Accept the installation and follow the procedure (simple) that is offered. The installation of the component (41 MB) can be quite long, depending on network speed and power of your computer. Patience in the Azure !

Known issues

Automatic update of previous versions

For various technical reasons, the automatic update of earlier versions may not work correctly on some computers. Manually uninstall the old version and then install this new with the button above "Dowload Piximètre".

All settings will be preserved.
You never lose information by installing a new version.


Manual installation

The manual installation procedure is to download this file (which unzips with WinZip, WinRar - free, ou compatibles). It contains a directory named "Application Files" and a file "Piximetre.application". Installing Piximètre is done by double clicking on "Piximetre.application".

The Framework .NET 4.0, used on 32 or 64 bits computer, must be installed BEFORE. It corresponds to dotNetFx40_Client_x32_x64.exe named file. You can download it here (click on the link) and then run it.


Connecting Moticam cameras

The manufacturer driver of Moticam cameras is a driver only 32 bits. On some 64 bits PC, Piximètre which then runs in 64 bits, does not detect it and the connected cameras are not recognized.

To solve this 32-64 bits compatibility problem, download the 64 bits version of the driver and manually copy the file to the system directory Windows/System32, without changing the name (MUCam32.dll) obviously. It takes "Administrator" rights .

This unfortunately can not be performed automatically by Piximètre, for security reasons.